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Elders Corner

Elder’s Corner - (#359) The Struggle to Have Faith

 One of the ironies in our culture is our sense of control. For decades our culture has declared to us that we can change anything. We can change ourselves! We can change the world! For a long time, we believed we could do anything that needed doing. Want to place an American on the moon? We can do it! Want to bring a crippled space module to earth from the moon? We can do it! Want to replace a diseased heart? We can do it! Want to extend the human life span? We can do it!

Then, abruptly, we were forced to realize our vulnerability and limitations. 9/11 showed us the impossible can happen. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq keep saying that there is a whole world out there that does not think like we think or follow our values. Here, long held jobs disappeared. Here, companies out-sourced jobs to places with cheaper labor. Here, the economy slowed. Here, the price of gasoline increased dramatically. Here, the harder we try to make things secure, the more we are reminded that we are surrounded by insecurity. As we watch, our society is changing in some dramatic ways.

The result: we are increasingly humbled as we realized how little we actually control. More and more we become aware of a truth: Christianity is not about what we can do for God, but about what God can do for us. Our whole understanding of what it means to have faith is changing.

I encourage you to read from Mark 5:25-34. I’ll summarize the story here:

A synagogue official came to Jesus begging him to come heal his daughter who was at the point of death. Jesus agreed to go with the man and heal his daughter. As they were making the trip to the man's house, word came to the man that his daughter had died. Jesus urged the man not to be afraid but to believe, and the trip continued. Some point between the synagogue official's request and the news that the girl died, a sick woman in the crowd touched Jesus. The story now is centered on a woman who had been hemorrhaging blood for twelve years.

She had gone to doctors, suffered through numerous treatments, but no one had helped her. Not only had she not been helped, but: her condition was worse. She was broke and she had nowhere to turn.

She heard about Jesus and the powerful deeds he performed. She was in the crowd and saw Jesus pass by. She believed that just touching his clothing would heal her - amazing when you consider how much failure she endured. The poor woman confronted an enormous risk. She had a hemorrhage, she was supposed (by Jewish Law) to stay at home where she had contact with no one! The key to destroying her disease was touching Jesus! She acted on her faith - she did just as she planned to do! Though this unclean woman touched Jesus, she did not make him unclean - rather he healed her.

There was an incredible difference in touching Jesus in faith and merely touching Jesus. Just as there is in believing Jesus is the Son of God and complete obedience to him. It is very difficult to structure one's life on faith in this society. This culture encourages us to depend on ourselves, not on God. Why is it so hard to live by faith in this culture? We are deceived into thinking that we are in control.

We know too much about depending on people, and too little about depending on God. As a result, when we face a personal faith crisis, we turn to people for answers. We are afraid to trust God for answers. Too often our Lord is inactive instead of alive.

If you do not live by faith, you will never know what faith is. If people do not see you living by faith, they will think the gospel is about an invitation to church instead of an invitation to a life.

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